Dr Pushkar Waknis


He is one of the best surgeons I came across. He performed wisdom teeth extraction surgery. Very patiently answered all my questions before abd after the surgery.
Dr Pushkar Waknis
My first ever surgery in life.
Dr Pushkar and his assistant handled my wisdom tooth removal so well. I had no idea it would be so chill! Loved the experience. Definitely would a100% recommend him for smooth dental procedure experience
Madhurima Mantha
Dr Pushkar Waknis
Our family is deeply grateful to Dr. Pushkar Waknis for the care and concern shown to us in addressing all our dental problems. Your expertise in the field makes the whole process smooth and assuring to us. He is definitely one of the best oral surgeons we have come across in our lives. Thank you Doctor
Valli Arun
Dr Pushkar Waknis
We are great full to Dr Pushkar Waknis for the care and concern of my wife’ s dental treatment . Dr has very good skill and practice of operations . We thank your and your team .
Ratnakar Mhalagi
Dr Pushkar Waknis
Dr pushkar sir and his assistant has handle my surgery, and it was done very well, now I have recovered very well and have no any pain and complications, I am very greatfull to him and his team for my care and treatment.
Seema Ghumare
Dr Pushkar Waknis
Very nice experience for my child treatment he is like god for me Every time we meet him and his team we feel more Comfortable and satisfy.He gave proper diagnosis and treatment.Hospital is very clean and neat.all team is very supportive.It was a really good experience.I will surely recommend to others.
Thank you.
Sachin Varpe.
Sachin Varpe
Dr Pushkar Waknis
Me and my sister both had all our wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Waknis over 4 procedures. He and his assistant kept us very comfortable during the procedures and communicated well before/after. We are extremely satisfied with the outcome and highly recommend him.
Aditya Degala
Dr Pushkar Waknis
I am very thankful to Dr. Waknis , as he just not only saved my life but given me my identity back i.e. my face. During the Covid 19 lockdown I met an accident and got serious injuries on my face with various facial fractures. I was so lucky that I was in the safe hand of Dr. Waknis. I got discharged from the hospital after 4 days of my sugery. And truely it was very hard surgery but he made look it so easy. Today I can walk arround like no fracture happened to my face and jaws. Thanks
Suraj Ghongade
Dr Pushkar Waknis
Clever surgeon with soft hands.Good experience and treatment given in clinic
Akash Ingle
Dr Pushkar Waknis
I am thankful to Dr. Pushkar Waknis and his team for the timely and precise medical help given to me during my medical emergency. Just when the lockdown due to Covid had begun, I started getting this excruciating teeth pain on my entire left side. All dental clinics were closed so I could not show it to anyone and had to go on pain medications - but these too stopped working after a couple of days and I could not take the pain anymore. I spoke to a dear friend and dentist Dr. Ipsita Kukreja who asked me to meet Dr. Waknis along with his assistant Dr. Gandhali Limaye. And from then on I knew I was in safe hands. We detected that there was a cyst in my gum which was causing pressure and intense pain. I was put in touch with Dr. Shantanu Gokhale from Deenanath who did root canal on the same day - he went to great lengths to get special permissions to perform the procedure as it was an emergency. (There were restrictions on procedures due to Covid). I was completely pain free that night. From that day onwards, Dr. Gokhale, Dr. Waknis and Dr. Limaye worked in tandem and made sure I got the best medical help and advise in those trying and uncertain times. After 2 months, Dr. Waknis and Dr. Gandhali performed the cyst removal surgery. The surgery was very smooth and successful - I am completely pain free now. The 3 doctors have been literally God sent for me. I would recommend this team to anyone looking for guidance related to oral issues. You will be in good hands :-)
Megha Nagarkar
Dr Pushkar Waknis
My wisedom tooth was removed by Dr Pushkar during 6 months of my pregnancy. The surgery was performed very well by Dr and after surgery I had minimal tooth ache and I recovered very soon. The Dr is very experienced and I am happy with the treatment. Thank you!
Amruta Jadhav
Dr Pushkar Waknis
Dr. have very good skills n practice of operations.
This was my second attempt of operations n with Dr. Pushkar is 1st time.i have experienced the quality n smartness to operate is excellent. Thanks you Dr Pushkar...
Kishor Ashtekar
Dr Pushkar Waknis
I had two of my wisdom teeth removed recently. Dr. Waknis and his team did a pretty clean job. The extractions were hard- one molar was pretty long and deep, another ankylosed. Swelling and pain management was very reassuring. I have one more wisdom tooth left and wouldn't hesitate go back to the same team for that ...although it would be nice if I don't have to at all :-)
Bharathi N
Dr Pushkar Waknis
Hello everyone, My name isPratik Debnath. My mom(age 62) got a cyst in her mandible which was detected by a local dentist in kolkata 4 months back(20/12/2019)which required immediate surgery. There we consulted with Dr. Amit Roy (surgeon of BC ROY Kolkata ) for operation but operation was not successful. Reason she has high asthma and got asthma attack during anaesthesia(My mom has lots of diseases like thyroid,BP,astma,heart problem which makes the operation so critical). We simply wasted our money there. Then I googled for best Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon doctors in pune and found Dr. Waknis Pushkar. He suggested biopsy, 2 physical fitness tests- one pre biopsy and another pre operation, successfully detected the cyst type and also successfully done the critical operation along with his assistant Dr. Gandhali limaye. I truly admire them not only for their way of diagnosis but also for their post operation regular checkups and their highly focus, on regular improvments of patients. I am very much satisfied with their high sincerity and services.My mom is complety well now. Truly one of best doctor. Thank you.
Pratik Debnath
Dr Pushkar Waknis
Thank you so much Dr Pushkar Waknis to bring happiness in our family. We were blessed with baby girl around 1 year back and very pleased to have daughter but very soon entire family tensed, worried when came to know that she has left palate. Thereafter, have done some research to find out why such things happened to our baby but didn’t get any satisfactory reason on the internet. We came to know, this cleft palate is a fissure or a gap in the mouth roof and this cleft is mostly caused because of the deformities during the gestation period in the mother's womb and the cleft palate can be corrected with the help of surgery by the surgeon.
Then our job was to find out best surgeon to operate and repair the palate of our baby that surgeon should possess great skill with maximum experience, with God grace, we met with Dr Pushkar Waknis at Shree Sai hospital Pune and that time our daughter was just 4 month old. He listened very keenly whatever we were saying and later he has taken us in his confidence and advised us to come for surgery when she turned 11 months as cleft palate surgery can be done between 9 to 12 months only.
Recently underwent cleft palate surgery at Shree Sai hospital. Surgery was performed by eminent doctor Pushkar Waknis ably supported by Dr Samrath (if am not wrong). I am fully satisfied and happy with the result of the surgery. Thanks very much doctor and team.
Rajiv Kumar
Dr Pushkar Waknis
I would like to say your search for best dental doctor ends here. My mother was suffering from severe pain because of ameloblastoma.We visited Dr Pushkar Waknis.He operated the tumor and she got rid of pain forever.He treats patient so well that we need not worry about anything.We are very grateful to Dr Waknis.
Shruti Nandurdikar
Dr Pushkar Waknis
Dr Pushkar Waknis is really very experienced, skill and talented person, he has done 4 month baby lip surgery excellent means what ever we expect in last month.
Suggestion to Pushkar Waknis Sir is he should also focus on minor nose deformity during lip surgery to make good appearance.

Also should try to join gum correction during lip surgery is our understanding.
Pushkar sir should give time to patient and should listen more to patient is just our observations.
Once again thank to Pushkar Sir.
Samadhan Gaikwad
Dr Pushkar Waknis
The Best doctor for surgery.Refered by a senior doctor in Delhi to Dr Pushkar ( Pune) as my case was complex. I got my wisdom tooth removed. It was a risky surgery considering nerve near the tooth. Doctor surgery was painless and timely. I just felt confident being in good hands. Thank you so much doctor for treating the tooth.
Deepak Sabharwal
Dr Pushkar Waknis
I was being treated by Dr waknis and his team Dr Chandra and Dr Gandhali for a TMJ. One thing I liked about them they handled my case very nicely and have cured me with the help of a splint I strongly recommend him and his team for any TMJ related issues.. once again thank you doctor for all the support n care.
Vevek Tandoan
Dr Pushkar Waknis
I too, recently became a patient of Dr. Pushkar Waknis for surgical removal of my lower third molar tooth. And I am so glad that I got chance to get treated by one of the finest maxillofacial surgeon in Pune. To add on to my experience as a patient, his procedure started on time, was completely painless, very less time consuming ,without any complications and offcourse funfilled. Dr. Pushkar Waknis sir is not only an excellent surgeon, but a very good mentor and an amazing person to know and adore.
Prachi Chhindam
Dr Pushkar Waknis
I am pregnant of 6 months and having teeth pain heavily. Due to pregnancy also has complications. So consult to Dr Waknis and he suggest to remove teeth. But due to pregnancy I was worried but Dr Waknis did teeth surgery with out pain,thanks to Dr Waknis.
Ashwini Hiwale
Dr Pushkar Waknis
I was suffering from pain because of wisdom tooth & I visited Dr Waknis for the same. I also told him that soon I had to go overseas for my studies. He suggested me wisdom tooth extraction saying that it should not trouble your overseas plans. His concerns about my travelling and kind gesture made me feel that I am in safe hands.
He planned my surgery in such a way that I will get enough time for recovery and would also be able to follow up before flying. He has excellent coordination with his team; his assistant doctors are also supportive, responsible and patient.
On the day of surgery, I was anxious, but he explained to me procedure, all the steps and how will it feel like, this helped me in being comfortable. He is an amazing surgeon!! He is friendly, thoughtful, understanding, calm and shares a good bond with patients.
I would also like to thank him for his work with the Spreading smiles foundation. It feels great that our society is blessed with such compassionate and warm-hearted doctors. I wish you and your team a great success ahead.
Manasi Prayagkar
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Dr Pushkar Waknis
My wife Neelam Veer had an accident (RTA) on 16th Nov 2018. After getting preliminary treatment from local hospital at Baner we shifted her to Ratna Memorial Hospital. Her case was referred to Dr. Pushkar Waknis. On the very first day of doctor's visit and examination of the patient, Dr.Waknis explained us about the multiple injury to my wife's face. He showed me the CT scan images and informed about the surgical procedure in depth. I was surprised when he informed me the date of operation as also the date of discharge after surgery. I had never seen such a confident doctor in my entire life.
Dr. Pushkar Waknis performed surgery of open reduction and internal fiation of right orbit +zygoma+cr#arch+claw repair on 21.11.2018. The surgery was successful and after surgery also he informed us about the patient's condition, her recovery and severity of fractures. My wife got discharge on 26th November 2018 and has recovered very fast. Now that there is no any visible scar on her face except for local and unnoticed swelling of her face. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Pushkar Waknis and his entire team for their unstinted support to the patient and her relatives.
Mr.Pramod Veer
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr Pushkar Waknis
Greetings, It gives me great pleasure to write a review for Dr Pushkar Waknis Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon as he has successfully performed jaw resection surgery on my relative and is now cancer free. I had contacted Dr Waknis in the evening and was able to get an appointment for consultation next day. Dr Waknis immediately recommended biopsy and further testing. Within a few days all required tests were completed. Dr Waknis instructed his team to set the ball rolling for the surgery. Though he was out on a conference he kept me updated on the status of my relative. When a doctor takes so much personal interest you feel more relaxed about the outcome though its a major surgery. He completed the surgery is less than 4 hours and after surgery, he checked on my relative day and night. Patient was feeling better within a short period of time and with a surgery scar that was well hidden. Kudos to you and your team doc. You are very energetic and extremely warm person.
Anshuman soni
Jaw Resection Surgery
Dr Pushkar Waknis
Dr. Waknis is an excellent doctor. We are very satisfied with the surgery he has done to our six months old baby, who has born with partial cleft on his left lip.
Initially we were scared about the surgery to the little baby. When we met the doctor initially, he has explained properly about the surgery and given post surgery instructions. He clarified all our queries clearly. This helped us to gain confidence.
Three weeks after the surgery baby's lip looks normal, and we are very happy with the result. We recommend Dr.Waknis for all kinds of cleft lip related treatments.
Cleft Lip
Dr Pushkar Waknis
I am extremely happy with the entire procedure. Previously had phobia of the surgery as I had heard of the complications of the surgery, but now post the surgery ,I hardly experienced any problem. So my phobia has also has vanished away now.
Thanks to Dr Waknis sir and his entire team. I am very grateful to him and his team. I enjoyed the experience rather than having fear about the surgery. Plus I am grateful to sir to give me additional consultation on my pcod problem.Sir changed my perspective I had about my own pcod problem. A big thank you !! :)
Tooth Extraction
Dr Pushkar Waknis
Absolutely 100% recommendation, no other thoughts, my experience with him in the course of my mother's mouth treatment. My mother was tense before meeting the Pushkar Sir. Have taken the appointment in urgency @ early morning 7.30 am but due to emergency, Pushkar sir dropped me SmS @ 6.20 am and rescheduled for 8.15 am. I was surprised about promptness of Pushkar Sir & really hands-on about his time management & commitment towards patient
James Mitchell
Mouth Treatment
Dr Pushkar Waknis
Very good experience. Was explained all by the doctor and made comfortable before the surgery. All details explained post surgery as well and the treatment has been effective. Most important is that I could trust the doctor completely and the ability to establish this connect with the patient is I think equally component as his expertise. Would recommend doctor to all.
Rajeshree Dhanajay Gokhale
Tooth Extraction
Dr Pushkar Waknis
DR Pushkar is an excellent doctor who supported me n my family when he saw my baby.Operation was successful and was a bit critical. Service given by hospital sai shree was also good. And even doctor himself drops a msg for yearly followup. His treatment gave us lots of support and now and now when i look at my child we dont even feel that she was having any problem.
Sanjeev Kumar
Cleft Lip Repair
Dr Pushkar Waknis

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