The Horcrux of a Maxillofacial Surgeon.

For what seems like forever, I’ve always used a fountain pen to write. The earlier pen was my old HSC Hero Pen which I used till 1999. The year 2000 brought in my degree and I moved to a Parker fountain pen and a cross ball pen with my name embossed given by my cousin Mruga Tai, but I had my eyes on the best. Waiting for a right occasion where I thought I deserved it was the key. The time came in 2008 when a 33 year old me was allotted with the role of post graduate teacher. This I thought was the best time to reward myself. Off I went to the MontBlanc store. I would like a fountain pen please… stated me to the smart salesman as he greeted me with a smile. Wearing his white gloves he opened a few for me. The one which appealed to me was this one. A pleasing gold yellow appearance. This model called cost me a princely sum of ——— back in 2008- Noblessee. Gold plated and awesome to write. Now I look back and wonder at how I managed it / or was I so stupid to blow money on it. Well, since that day this has been my loyal companion resting in my pocket every day. When I stopped wearing shirts with pockets, it resided in my trouser pockets being whipped with pride for everything I wrote- notes.signatures, cheques and even drawings of operations for my team. The pen awoke a lot of feelings of admiration of its class as well as taunts for my so called richness. Richness is a way of life. Yes. I am rich in love, family, strength, making comebacks from the edge of extinction, positivity and would love to be abundant in them. It has travelled with me to half a dozen countries and I have found many a people who admired me for using fountain pens alike. Wow, even I used an ink pen… said so many. One day it fell down from a flimsy small slab in an OT changing room only to break in multiple pieces. Of course, I’m sad to let it go but it is still tucked in my diary of appointments. Like a Horcrux of Lord Voldemort this one has a piece of my soul. For those who know me, can you think of the 7 objects where I will park my soul ? One hint – the first one is Wilson.

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